A green lawn is a joy to see and a fabulous location to unwind in or entertain. A well-maintained lawn adds to the curb appeal of your home and makes it look welcoming. However, with the busy lives we lead and the other responsibilities we shoulder maintain a great lawn requires extra effort. The first step to ensuring proper lawn care is to keep the lawn well watered. A lawn needs to be watered regularly and with the proper amount of water to ensure that it stays healthy. Too little water can lead to browning and bald patches, while over watering can lead to growth of weeds, fungus, pests, and also weak roots. Ideally a lawn should be watered only when completely dry and until one inch of water has been sprinkled over the entire surface. The frequency of the watering depends on the weather conditions. If it has rained or there is humidity in the air then you probably need to water the lawn only cone a week, while in the hot and dry months, the lawn will need to be watered more frequently. An untidy lawn detracts from the appearance of the home. Instead you need to mow it so that the lawn height is appropriate. Again, mowing the lawn very close will lead make it look bad. Also, you should take care that you reduce the height of the lawn by degrees to make sure that the roots stay strong. Most lawns need to have fertilizer applied twice a year, once in fall and once before spring. While chemical or synthetic fertilizers will make the lawn grow swiftly, they will not last long and you need to ensure that you do not apply excess fertilizer. Instead, you can opt for organic fertilizer or compost that will not only nourish the lawn but improve the ability of the soil to hold moisture, helping in the long term health of the lawn. Lawns can attract a variety of pests such as ants and mosquitoes. You can again select from synthetic or chemical pesticides and organic methods of keeping pests down. For instance, you can plant citronella on the borders of the lawn to keep mosquitoes away and enjoy the smell as well. Proper watering, mowing, and fertilizer use will automatically help control weeds in your lawn. However, if you find that you have an excess of weeds that cannot be removed manually you can opt to use weed control chemicals that target specific weeds. These should be applied in areas where there is an excess of weeds to ensure that your lawn looks and feels smooth and lush. There are many tools and equipment such as automatic lawn sprinklers with timers and special mowers that can be easily adjusted to mow the lawn to the desired height that make lawn care simpler. By installing sprinklers and setting the timer you will be able to water your lawn without having to find time for this chore in your busy schedule.