Forget about just staying warm. Not only do outdoor fire pits offer practical advantages, they can also provide emotional and health benefits as well! They foster an atmosphere of coziness and become a focal point in the night. Fire pits create a space to lounge, as well as socialize and relax. Your backyard will instantly become the envy of your neighborhood due to their aesthetically pleasing look and social utility. Not only that, fire pits can be used year round and provide warmth and relaxation in almost any environment.


Green Acres provides a speedy estimate and a guarantee that you'll be ecstatic with your new fire pit. We can also give you a free quote immediately over the phone or online! Contact us now to ensure your yard is prepared for the coming seasons with a unique outdoor fire pit. Our service and installation is top rated, efficient, and we guarantee the best price and fastest response time. Your family and friends will appreciate your new lounge space immensely.

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