Custom Walkways

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Walkway Design & Installation

Your home should look beautiful both inside and out. A well designed walkway can be used to show off the elegant features outside your home! We know property is a huge investment. What is a better way to show off this investment than a professionally installed walkway?

Get the Job Done Right

Walkways can leave a lasting impression on visitors. By improving the flow of your outdoor area you can connect entrances, driveways, patios, and all aspects of your property. Every home is unique and requires different styles. We at Green Acres understand this and strive to find the perfect fit for you and your home. Our professionals guarantee quality and beauty in every installation. By focusing on what you want we can work together to improve the quality of your home!

A Walk To Remember…

Our vast knowledge of hardscaping gives us many designs to choose from. Every job is unique and requires proper experience to get done right. We offer a variety of options for your outdoor walkway installations. Speak with our professionals to determine which type of walkway is best for your property!


The benefits of a stone walkway to your home will increase its value and add to its appeal. Adding a walkway in a high traffic area adds more stable footing for you, your family, and guests.


Apart from adding to your property’s aesthetics and helping to increase its value, paver walkways can offer a host of additional benefits. They are extremely long  lasting and require little maintenance. If you need to do a repair, replacing a paver or brick is usually a simple matter. A Green Acres installed walkway will leave your home looking beautiful at an inexpensive cost!


Is your home located near or on a hill? A set of Green Acres professionally installed stairs can make traveling through the terrain much easier! Make your outdoor area more welcoming to your guests! Schedule a worry free estimate to get our specialists out to take a look at your terrain.

Quality Service You Can Count On

Green Acres has more than 20 years of experience in lawn care and property maintenance.  We offer all-inclusive landscape maintenance packages so you can be sure your property is looking its best all year long! Using our years of creative experience to achieve beauty is what sets us apart. Landscape material that is healthy, well-branched, and well-formed is used to create the best first impression.