While everyone loves a golden garden, most people do not have the time to spend on rigorous gardening. Also, gardens that require a lot of watering can take up your time as well as cost a lot, especially in the hot months. However, you can still have a sterling looking garden if you incorporate these low maintenance solutions into your landscaping. A rock garden is low maintenance as the plants used are typically drought resistant and require less watering. Moreover, the rocks themselves add to the design element and are easy to maintain as they require no care. A grass lawn is considered an essential component of landscaping. However, it requires a lot of maintenance work – watering, mowing, weeding, application of pesticides and fertilizer, and so on. Instead, you can consider a lawn of clover. Clover is a living, green carpet under your feet and is easy to maintain. It is drought, weed, and pest resistant and does not turn brown when exposed to dog urine. The clover flourishes and grows so well that weeds do not have much chance of growing and it also fertilizes the soil with nitrogen. Another concern when landscaping is the inability to grow grass under trees and other shady spots. However, if your design still calls for a green carpet in such spots, consider covering the space with moss. This is a low maintenance way of keeping the place green. Another efficient way to have a simple garden is to plant the flower beds with drought-resistant perennials. By sowing perennials you can ensure that you do not have to plant a fresh set of plants each year. The drought resistant quality will ensure that they need less frequent watering as well. You can reduce the amount of time spent in watering your garden by installing automatic irrigation systems when you are planning the landscaping. This will allow you to set the timer of the sprinkler and proceed to enjoy your garden. Those living in areas where it snows heavily are conscious of the time and work needed to keep the driveway free of snow. Install a snow melt system as part of the landscaping and so you can eradicate this chore. Just switch on the system each time the driveway needs to be cleaned and watch the chore melt away.