Mulch and Front Door

Why Choose Green Acres?

There are a multitude of reasons to have Green Acres handle all of your mulching services. Not only are our landscape specialists highly knowledgeable and well trained, but they're committed to providing exceptional service to every job no matter what size. In addition, our equipment is top of the line and well maintained so you know you're getting the best service possible. We guarantee that Green Acres has the solution to any mulching project you come by and will handle it in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Not sure if upgrading is worth it? No problem!

We provide reliable estimates for free so you can look into enhancing your yard without fear of underlying costs. Our rates are very affordable as well! We work within your budget to ensure you're getting the best service for the best price possible.


If you want to increase the level of maintenance for your outdoor landscaping, look no further than Green Acres. In addition to our other high quality landscaping services, Green Acres specializes in providing exceptional mulching services as well. No longer an optional lawn care feature, mulching has become popular demand for most homeowners for a variety of reasons:

 Insulation for soil from hot and cold temperatures
Prevents the growth of weeds and subsequent root competition
Reduces damage to lawnmowers
Retains moisture for the root system
Prevents erosion and soil compaction

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Mulch and Walkway

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