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Pergolas make an appealing atmosphere for dining and entertainment outdoors. During the warmer months, there are multiple uses including hosting guests, having cookouts, and relaxing with a cocktail. The appeal is greatly enhanced if the pergola provides shade, such as with vines or foliage growing throughout the columns or beams. Contact us today or call (302) 332-8239 to get more information on making your yard as beautiful as possible with the addition of a pergola!


Outdoor Pergolas

Looking for an affordable, unique look for your yard? Consider a pergola to enhance the overall comfort and appeal of your property. Pergolas are perfect for providing a sitting area with sun and breeze, but also offering protection from the harshness of direct sunlight. They also give climbing plants a structure to grow upon. The addition of a pergola not only enhances your property's look but also adds value to your home in a monetary way.

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