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Green Acres Lawn and Landscaping have been in the business for more than 19 years. With all of that experience comes an appreciation for the craft. Every Green Acres tree service offered is guaranteed to be held to the highest standards. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority!

We see each and every yard as having the potential to be great. Whether it's trees or any of our many other services, doing the best job possible is a guarantee. You can rest easy knowing that your outdoor living space is in good hands when you contact Green Acres. Call today to learn more about our tree service options.

Trusted Tree Services

Enhance your outdoor living space by utilizing one of the many tree services offered by Green Acres Lawn and Landscaping, Inc. Our professionals are licensed and insured so any work needed to be done to your trees is as safe and effective as possible. Beautiful trees add an unmatched appeal to a property, while dead or uncared for trees provide the opposite. It's important that you take care of any related issue to ensure your yard is at its best. Not only do they add an aesthetic appeal, they can also increase property value.

 We can safely remove any dangerous or unsightly trees and stumps that need to be dealt with.
 Overgrown or insect-infested trees can be restored to their original states with treatment
 Trees dealing with weakness or instability can be cabled to ensure they stay safe, as well as the rest of your property

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